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For the love of...

If you have visited some of the other pages on my domain, you will see in addition of lesson plans, schedules, and layouts.  A good number do involve astronomy. Now that I'm no longer teaching, I'll be able to concentrate more on imaging and perhaps see an improvement in the final images. I will  still be using the HyperStar setup sold by Starizona.  My Celestron 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain will contnue to be my telescope of choice for the time being.

While I am no longer in New Mexico, I will be heading back there now and then for some imaging.  Most of my game plan will be out of San Antonio and Ft Stockton. 

Check back now and then and see how my progress or lack thereof .......

Betelgeuse Bellatrix NGC2129 NGC2175 NGC2239 NGC2244
NCG2323 NGC2335 NGC2343 NGC2345 NGC2353 NGC2395

Location:  Laura Hights, San Antonio, TX
Date: 3-27-2016
Image: 5 sec
10 Images stacked
Telescope: Celestron 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain